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Zookeeper World heads to Apple Arcade this Friday

Zookeeper World heads to Apple Arcade this Friday


This is an exciting week for Apple Arcade. Two words to write on the calendar for Friday: Zookeeper World. Maybe underline them too.

Zoo Keeper is the legendary web game from Robot Communications that turns match-three into an animal-tending classic with a surprising bolt of pathos thrown in when you least expect it. It was – I think – a DS launch game too, its bold colourful design showing off those little screens at their very best. It’s since come to various platforms. Hooray!

I couldn’t find a trailer, so here’s a news cast. Predictions special. They didn’t predict this!

Zookeeper World, developed by Kiteretsu, will offer Cel-shaded graphics as far as I can tell, and a sort of meta-mode where you’re running your own zoo and keeping it stocked with delightful animals. Pathos yet to be confirmed. I am going to lose hours to this game. Maybe weeks and months and years.