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To the Moon’s third instalment Impostor Factory is out at the end of September on PC

To the Moon’s third instalment Impostor Factory is out at the end of September on PC

A “bonkers time-loop tragicomedy murder mystery thriller”.

Impostor Factory, the third game in developer Freebird Games’ well-received To the Moon series, will be making its way to Steam on 30th September.

Described as a “bonkers time-loop tragicomedy murder mystery thriller featuring multiple casualties and a suspicious cat”, Impostor Factory is designed as a completely standalone adventure (albeit one slotting somewhere within the series’ timeline), requiring no knowledge of 2011’s lo-fi tearjerker To the Moon or its first proper sequel Finding Paradise.

This time around, the focus is on a man named Quincy who accepts an invitation to a “suspiciously secluded” mansion, only to discover a time machine in its bathroom. “But of course, then people start dying,” explains Freebird on Impostor Factory’s Steam page. “And somewhere along the way, things get a little Lovecraftian and tentacles are involved.”

Impostor Factory (To the Moon 3) – Official Trailer.

Impostor Factory’s subsequent bullet points promise “a story that will make you curse at the screen”, “a cozy mix between adventure game elements and classic RPG aesthetics”, “dialogues that read so wrong but feel so right”, “an espresso execution with zero filler and no time drains”, and finally (and perhaps most importantly), “long cat”.

Freebird previously told fans Impostor Factory “will likely mark the end of an era” for both the developer and the To the Moon series, so here’s hoping for a memorable conclusion when it comes to PC at the end of the month.