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The best computer speakers of 2021 – pro-gamer.co.uk

Even if you just like listening to music while you work, computer speakers mean that you don’t have to be stuck wearing headphones all day. CNN Underscored extensively tested 10 top computer speakers over the past few months, ranking them based on factors like their design, audio quality, connectivity features and more. After spending countless hours listening to our favorite music and podcasts, here are our picks for the best computer speakers: Best overall computer speakers: Logitech Z407 Best budget computer speakers: Cyber Acoustics CA3090 Best sound quality: PreSonus Eris 3.5 BT Best computer speakers for gaming: Logitech Z625 The Logitech Z407 computer speakers offer a sleek design, tons of connectivity options and a cool puck-shaped controller that you can put anywhere you want. They’re not necessarily the speakers for audiophiles, but anyone who wants reasonably priced computer speakers for gaming, listening to music and watching movies will love what they have to offer. If you’re on a budget, we recommend Cyber Acoustics CA3090 speakers. These speakers are extremely inexpensive, but they’re a serious upgrade over your built-in computer speakers. These come with a subwoofer for extended bass response, and have a wired remote for easy control. If you do want to prioritize audio quality and have a bit of extra space and cash, the PreSonus Eris 3.5 BT speakers are the way to go. These speakers offer both wired and Bluetooth connections, but more important is the fact that they offer a more detailed audio quality and decent bass — plus, you can upgrade the bass with a compatible subwoofer, though it costs extra. The THX-certified Logitech Z625 speakers not only support immersive audio standards for compatible games, but they also sound great, come with a subwoofer to augment that bass and offer plenty of connectivity options, including an optical port for integration with a console-based home theater setup and a PC setup alike.