Our Team

Over the years ProGamer has become the trusted partner of many brands who recommend us to their users for genuine and factual information on products. Here’s the team that enables that:

Alan Tod – Founder

Alan Tod is the founder of www.pro-gamer.co.uk and has a fresh approach towards the business. He founded the company during his college days, at the age of 29. His core belief has been to create a platform that creates and publishes content regulated by experts for the benefit of the common people. He has achieved this goal and the recent award by the highly reputed ‘Techies under 30’ magazine is another feather in his cap.

He won the award for providing premium content to general users without charging them anything. It has been a very unique approach whereby Alan has been able to fund the company through Venture Capital firms, which also helps him keep the advertisements away from his website.

Nicola Dixon – Writer

Nicola Dixon is a leading content scientist of the day. She earned this tag of a content scientist after her pathbreaking article in the journal ‘Techno Content’ where she talked about the newer standards and aspects of writing that were due in this day and age. It is her great achievement to not only get published but also to get such widespread acclaim at the young age of 31 years. She is the CCO (Chief Content Officer) at www.pro-gamer.co.uk and is passionately involved in the publishing of each and every article.

Her focus has been on understanding the consumer and their psychology to serve the kind of content that would actually satisfy them and be truly helpful. She is highly respected in the tech content field and is sought after for interviews by all leading magazines.