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Sonic Colours: Ultimate players report graphics glitches and bugs

Sonic Colours: Ultimate players report graphics glitches and bugs

As dev apologises for failing to credit open source engine.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate players have taken to social media to report a raft of bugs, graphics glitches and crashes – particularly with the Nintendo Switch version.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate early access went live yesterday for those who bought the Digital Deluxe edition – and now Twitter is packed with clips of the game going horribly wrong.

Videos show various glitches that cause the graphics to do weird and wonderful things. Here’s a snippet:

The following clip comes with a seizure warning:

Sonic Colours Ultimate is described as an enhanced remaster of the 2010 Wii original. It’s out on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store.

The Nintendo Switch version in particular has come under fire for its performance, loading times and bugs, although players of all versions have reported problems. The audio mix has also been heavily criticised across platforms.

Sega enlisted the help of US port specialist Blind Squirrel Games, which worked on the excellent Mass Effect trilogy remasters, for the Sonic Colours update.

Glitches and bugs aren’t the only issue with Sonic Colours Ultimate. The port uses the free open source Godot Engine without credit.

In a tweet, Blind Squirrel apologised, promising to add a credit in a patch.

“We are very sorry about this oversight and are committed to properly crediting all technology that we use,” Blind Squirrel said.

“Despite the credits being reviewed multiple times, this was somehow missed. An upcoming patch will be released shortly to correct this issue.”

Sega has yet to address the graphics issues with the game.