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Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay video gives us a much better idea of how it plays

Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay video gives us a much better idea of how it plays

Claws out.

Firaxis has released a Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay video that gives us a much better idea of how it plays.

The video, below, shows off combat and the hub area from Firaxis’ upcoming strategy game, which is developed by the XCOM team.

Like XCOM’s combat, Midnight Suns’ combat is turn-based. But there are some key differences: the perspective is lower down and closer to the action, and movement is freeform, as opposed to playing out on a grid.

Abilities are governed by a series of cards you obtain at the beginning of battle. Firaxis made a point of stressing Midnight Suns does not include any microtransactions of any sort. Everything in the game is obtained through gameplay.

We see the player character, a new superhero called Hunter, battle some goons, the odd cinematic, before Wolverine and arch rival Sabretooth eventually join the fray. The idea is to build up your heroism during the course of battle so you can perform powerful, flashy attacks.

Midnight Suns has a headquarters, as XCOM does, but it’s very different. You’re able to explore the Abbey from a third-person perspective, building up your quarters and developing relationships with the other superheroes. You have a hellhound you can of course pet, too.

Firaxis said there’s lot to explore inside and outside of the Abbey, with secrets and lore to discover. It’s a social experience where you can choose from different heroes after combat to hangout with. If you read Chris Tapsell’s Midnight Suns preview, you’ll know there’s no romance, though. Because Marvel.

Expect plenty more to be revealed in the run-up to the PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns next March.