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I ditched my PC for the new iMac — here are the pros and cons

I’m constantly testing all kinds of laptops and desktops, but none of them have been able to replace my custom Windows gaming PC as my main machine for work and play. Between my computer’s powerful specs, my versatile dual-monitor setup and my comfort level with Windows 10, it’s been hard to make the switch to anything else — until the 24-inch iMac landed on my desk. I’ve been using Apple’s new desktop almost exclusively ever since I got it in for review, and barring a few exceptions, I’m not in a huge rush to go back to my PC. Between its superb display, excellent webcam and the everyday benefits of macOS I’d been missing out on as an iPhone user, the latest iMac (starting at $1,233; expercom.com and amazon.com) comes dangerously close to being the only desktop computer I need. Here’s what it’s like to make the switch to iMac as a longtime PC user — and why I can’t completely abandon Windows just yet. I’ve covered most of what makes Apple’s latest desktop so great in my 24-inch iMac review, where I praised the all-in-one for its impossibly slim design, gorgeous Retina display, great accessories and powerful multitasking capabilities made possible by the M1 chip inside. But now that I’ve lived with the new iMac for about a month, certain benefits (and drawbacks) are starting to stand out more than others. Let’s start with the good stuff. Even as someone whose home office is flooded with the best webcams and best microphones around, I still find myself taking most calls using the camera and mic built right into the new iMac. They’re just that good.