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Fortnite now has Will Smith

Fortnite now has Will Smith

Fresh moves.

Men in Black. Independence Day. After Earth? Will Smith is no stranger to fighting aliens. Now, he can do so in Fortnite.

To presumably celebrate the game’s genuinely very enjoyable alien season, you can now purchase Will Smith in Fortnite. The only downside? He’s called Mike Lowery, and this is Will Smith’s character from the decidedly non-alien focused Bad Boys trilogy.

Digital rights weirdness aside, Smith’s arrival in Fortnite comes after a series of high profile stars arrived via the game’s Icon Series as themselves: Ariana Grande, J Balvin and LeBron James.

It’s also an amusing wrinkle to see the Fresh Prince turn up in the game after so much was made of its early days uncredited “borrowing” of dance moves, such as the Carlton dance. Don’t expect him in Fortnite, or several other games, anytime soon.

Will Smith, sorry, Mike Lowrey is on sale now priced 1500 V-Bucks.