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Death Stranding sequel is reportedly “in negotiations”

Death Stranding sequel is reportedly “in negotiations”


Death Stranding and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has reportedly confirmed that a Death Stranding sequel is “in negotiations”.

Though Reedus didn’t give away too much in the Portuguese interview – and auto-translations can sometimes be inaccurate, meaning we can only take this as a rumour for now – IGN Brasil reports he said he “thinks” a second Death Stranding is on the way.

“I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding,” Reedus told AdoroCinema, which is a partner site of IGN Brasil. “[Death Stranding 2] is in negotiations right now. So… yay!” Reedus reportedly said to journalists at a recent The Walking Dead roundtable.

Sony recently shown a chunk of gameplay footage from Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, which launches on 24th September.

ICMYI, this expanded version of Hideo Kojima’s oddball post-apocalyptic courier adventure adds new story missions, new combat mechanics, a firing range and yes, even a racing mode.

PS4 save data will carry over to the PS5 Director’s Cut. You can also upgrade any PS4 copy for around $10 to get the Death Stranding Director’s Cut Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade for PS5.