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Bungie disables Destiny 2 armour after Titans and Hunters get “unintentional” competitive advantages

Bungie disables Destiny 2 armour after Titans and Hunters get “unintentional” competitive advantages

Dance if you wanna dance. 

Bungie has “temporarily disabled” the Destiny 2’s Radiant Dance Machines leg armour in all PvP and Gambit activities.

Confirmation came way of a tweet from the Destiny 2 studio, which acknowledged the armour permitted Hunters to dodge “an unintended amount of times”, including during competitive matches in its Gambit and Crucible playlists.

“Due to an issue that allows Hunters to dodge an unintended amount of times in a row, we have temporarily disabled the Radiant Dance Machines Exotic Hunter leg armor in Gambit and all PvP activities,” the studio said.

But that’s not all – Bungie has gone even further with Titans’ Wormgod Caress exotic gauntlets. They have been disabled entirely “d​ue to an issue where Titans could unintentionally do large amounts of damage with their throwing hammers”.

The developer also said it is investigating an issue where some PlayStation players are not receiving their Witch Queen pre-order goodies, too, although as yet, the issue has seemingly not been rectified.

Ever wondered why so many of us – and as a dedicated Guardian, I very much include myself in that – spend so much time replaying the missions in games like Destiny over and over again? Eurogamer contributor Luke Kemp sat down with neuroscientist and author Dr Dean Burnett to find out why we keep running through the same environments, chasing the same objectives, using the same fairly small pool of weapons, and not getting bored.

“What seems like a sweet spot for how the brain responds is a nice mix of both something familiar, and also the element of novelty,” Burnett told Kemp. “With a game, there is always an element of novelty […] you still have control over what happens so you can go this way, use this weapon. ‘This time I’ll try it this way around.’ So there’s an element of novelty, there’s an element of direct influence in the situation so you’ve got that control, that sense of […] I have control of the environment.”

Cover image credit: DestinyWiki