About Us

Why can’t there be one good and straightforward website which gives reliable reviews about the technology products? ProGamer came into existence to fill the existing gap. www.pro-gamer.co.uk is a PPR model website (Precise Product Reviews). Our job is a dual one, we bring the best products to you along with precise reviews about them. Our team has been engaged in product research since the inception of www.pro-gamer.co.uk.

We believe in taking the scientific approach towards product review which is unusual in this industry. Highly experienced writers work on the latest and relevant gaming, tech and non-tech products, use them for a fair period and only then get down to writing it. This means you will also find all the fixes for these products on our website.

ProGamer simplifies your product experience, it functions as your reliable advisor when buying something new, and as a dependable tech doctor when fixing your existing product. Our content is curated for the average reader, all the technical terms and confusing details are kept out of the article. Our writers do the tough job of explaining the mechanics of the product by simplifying it for you in a way that you can easily understand.